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Third Eye Collection by Moooi & Gentle Monster

Dutch design company Moooi and Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster have collaborated on the Third Eye Collection – a new line of sunglasses inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic drawings and the concept of the third inner eye that represents the vision beyond ordinary sight. The designs of the Moooi x Gentle Monster silhouettes all start with a circular lens at their center and include four styles: Trinity, Divinity, Sincerity, and Infinity, which come in select color options. Available online or at Moooi brand stores in London, New York, and Amsterdam, the sunglasses are available in a price range from $240 to $320.     All images courtesy of Moooi.

Spectrum Candles

Founded by architects Jean and Oliver Pelle, PELLE is a Brooklyn-based design practice that produces sculptural lighting fixtures, furnishings, and accessories that merge architectural practice with craftwork. The Spectrum Candles are a set of 12 lightly scented, soy wax candles that are individually hand-cast in PELLE’s cone-shaped Sugarloaf candle molds. The set comes in either dark red to cream (Red Currant) or black to white (Dark Rose) spectrums, with each candle producing a stronger scent as the color darkens. As the candles burn (up to 25 hours), the scents can combine and pools of colored wax interweave to create an new color experience. The makers highly recommend using a liner or candle dish to collect wax runoff and to protect your tabletop. $336, set of 12 or $28 per candle. All images courtesy of PELLE.

Coolbox Toolbox

The Coolbox might appear to be a normal toolbox at first glance, but this useful tool is more like a portable workstation for the construction site, boat, or garage. First of all, Coolbox features a 20v rechargeable lithium polymer battery to run small power tools on the go or to charge your devices (via two USB ports built into the front panel). It also has a built-in, marine-grade 40w Bluetooth speaker built into the front, built-in LED lighting mounted internally and externally, and an LCD clock that will also display the battery level. Add to that some less techy, but still quite handy, conveniences like a retractable 12 foot extension cord, dual handles, wheels, a 20” x 12” dry-erase board on the inside lid, and a tablet stand, and you have the smartest toolbox on the block. While the Coolbox is crowdfunding on indiegogo (until March 12th), you can get one for the special price of $169 (61% off the $299 retail price), with an estimated delivery of June 2015. That timing might make it a great Father’s Day or graduation present for that …

Reading + Computer Glasses by Nendo

The latest news from the Japanese design firm Nendo is a line of reading and computer glasses made of light, pliable polycarbonate resin. The folded “temples” of the glasses snap directly onto the nose piece, and they can then be easily removed so that users can play around with different color combinations. The glasses’ cloth case is cylindrical so that they can be inserted from either end, and the glasses and case are then locked into place by snapping on the temples. These items are sold exclusively at Seibu department stores in Japan.   Photos by Akihiro Yoshida