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Reading + Computer Glasses by Nendo

The latest news from the Japanese design firm Nendo is a line of reading and computer glasses made of light, pliable polycarbonate resin. The folded “temples” of the glasses snap directly onto the nose piece, and they can then be easily removed so that users can play around with different color combinations. The glasses’ cloth case is cylindrical so that they can be inserted from either end, and the glasses and case are then locked into place by snapping on the temples. These items are sold exclusively at Seibu department stores in Japan.   Photos by Akihiro Yoshida  

Chocolate Paint Set by Nendo

Maybe it’s because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow but desserts are on my mind this week. Nendo just released this new limited edition of chocolates in the form of a set of oil paints for the Japanese Seibu department store. The tubes, which are made of chocolate, each have a different colored wrapper to keep fingers clean and indicate the flavor of the syrup within. The 12 flavors range from the expected (rum, vanilla, caramel) to the surprising (honey lemon, blueberry, and melon). All photos by Ayao Yamazaki