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3.2.1 Glassware Collection for Kontextür by Jeff Miller

These handblown and hand-etched Czech crystal decanters and tumblers, designed by New York City-based designer Jeff Miller for Kontextür, would make a good (and luxe) holiday gift for anyone that equally appreciates good liquor and good design. The decanters (available in 32 fl. oz and 16 fl. oz sizes) feature a triangular base and a large mouth for smooth pouring. The decanter’s stopper, along with the tumblers, are encircled by etched bands. Retailing for $400 for the decanters (either size) and $400 for each set of four glasses (tall or short) these are pieces you should really only take out when you are drinking the good stuff.

Heath Ceramics Summer Collection

It’s beginning to warm up here in the New York City area, and people can get a little carried away that winter is finally over. Once the temperature hits 60 degrees Fahrenheit, suddenly every other person on the street is walking around half-dressed. I think some men buy special calendars that announce it’s the Official First Shirtless Day of the year because, as if all at once, all you see is chest hair and bad tattoos. Launching in April in limited quantities, Heath Ceramic‘s new collection of tabletop pieces is also eager for the summer to arrive. Along with a fresh color palette including California Poppy, Grapefruit, and Birch, the collection revisits the company’s previous experiments with exposing the natural clay body texture of their designs. Like those fancy bakery cookies that have their ends dipped in chocolate, these luscious glazes are tempting enough to bite into. Clay is exposed at defined points on many pieces, either towards the neck of a vase or base of a bowl. In the collection, matte glazes also continue …