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3.2.1 Glassware Collection for Kontextür by Jeff Miller

13-01-18-Decanter-03 copy-1

3.2.1. decanters in large and small sizes.

These handblown and hand-etched Czech crystal decanters and tumblers, designed by New York City-based designer Jeff Miller for Kontextür, would make a good (and luxe) holiday gift for anyone that equally appreciates good liquor and good design. The decanters (available in 32 fl. oz and 16 fl. oz sizes) feature a triangular base and a large mouth for smooth pouring. The decanter’s stopper, along with the tumblers, are encircled by etched bands. Retailing for $400 for the decanters (either size) and $400 for each set of four glasses (tall or short) these are pieces you should really only take out when you are drinking the good stuff.


Tall 3.2.1. tumbler.


Short 3.2.1. tumbler.

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