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Nogg Chicken Coop

Handcrafted in the U.K., nogg is intended to appeal to domestic farmers who can afford to keep their chickens in something more stylish than a wooden box. When I first saw this egg-shaped chicken coop, I had a serious discussion with my husband about the feasibility of raising chickens in our New Jersey backyard — but we decided we couldn’t tolerate moving them into our basement for the winter. What’s great about the nogg though, is that you can almost justify getting it just for its sculptural form alone; the chickens can come later.

Built to house two to four chickens, nogg is handcrafted in batches of 20 from sustainably sourced cedar. A collaboration between furniture designer Matthew Hayward and creative director Nadia Turan, this chicken casa is fox-proof, offers easy access to the removable base tray inside, and sports a glass roof that twists and lifts for easy ventilation. At nearly 2000 british pounds including VAT (over $3000), nogg is certainly a luxury (and one that animals are going to poop on after all), but think about it this way — you can knock off a couple of hundred dollars per year on what you would have spent on organic eggs. Plus you get to eat eggs so fresh they are still warm from the chicken’s bottom — a tempting option when food-borne illnesses make the news on a regular basis. Price: £1950 within the U.K.; £1625.00 outside the U.K., plus import tax. To get cost and timing details call +44 (0) 7812 084335 or email     

A few from the roof of the coop.

A view of the glass-domed roof.

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