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Adlens Universal Eyeglasses

When people can’t see clearly, it is more challenging for them to work, study, or drive; their entire quality of life suffers. I know how disconnected I feel when I have misplaced my eyeglasses even for a few hours; I can’t imagine what it would be like to not be able to afford those glasses in the first place. Adlens adjustable glasses respond to the need in developing countries for affordable eyeglasses by allowing users to adjust their lenses for near and far distance vision correcting. A finalist for the 2011 INDEX: Award to be announced in September, Adlens Universal glasses contain fluid-filled lenses (protected by durable, easy to clean polycarbonate cover) that change focus depending on the amount of fluid inside the lens. Designed by Rob Stevens and the U.K.-based Adlens Design Team, these low-cost eyeglasses can be fitted by health workers in a matter of minutes and correct up to 85% of refractive errors, the number one cause of poor vision globally. Affordable, practical, and stylish to boot in a choice of five colors, these glasses are truly visionary.

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