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S’well Bottle

Let’s face it, even if they try to be eco-friendly, plastic water bottles stink. They are convenient, recyclable, and lightweight, but the energy and materials that it takes to manufacture, ship, and then recycle them back into bottles or other objects could certainly be better spent. That’s why I’m always intrigued when a company claims to have come up with a better bottle. The S’well Bottle is a hybrid water bottle/thermos for wine, tea, or anything you want to keep hot or cold.

These insulated stainless steel bottles are non-leaching, toxin-free, and are “virtually unbreakable” according to the manufacturer. They come in a rainbow of colors, fit into your car’s cup holder, and have a mouth big enough to put ice cubes through (something your standard water bottle can not do). They come in a 15 ounce/500 ml size ($35 USD) and a 25 ounce/750 ml size ($45 USD) that can carry a full bottle of wine.

If you want a good reason to give S’well a swig, you should also know that the company donates 10% of their net sales to WaterAid to support programs that improve access to safe water, hygiene, and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. In addition to that 10% donation, for every SeaShell Pink S’well bottle sold in the month of October, 10% of sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation in support of Breast Health Awareness Month. Now I will drink to that.


  1. Eileen McNamara says

    Love, love, love my S’well bottles. They do everything advertised, in addition to doing good in the universe.

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