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Aroha Silhouettes Jewelry

The THC Molecular Addictions necklace. Photo by Kelly Jill.

We all have addictions, some are just more socially acceptable (and legal) than others. A few I will admit to in public include watching reruns of The Office, my weekly pint of Ciao Bella Dark Chocolate Sorbet, and checking my email as if my life depended on it. Hey, I’m a mom, I’m not exactly snorting coke off of pool boys in the Hamptons anymore (that never really happened).

Molecular Addictions Nicotine Necklace

The Molecular Addictions Collection of jewelry from Aroha Silhouettes transforms the molecular symbols for a few common addictions — caffeine, nicotine, and THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) into a line of lightweight stainless steel necklaces. The symbol for MDMA, aka ecstasy, is forthcoming in mid-October. I’m not endorsing any of these vices, but rather the beautiful way they have been interpreted into jewelry design (in fact I think people who drink caffeine are completely morally bankrupt). New Zealand-born designer Tania Hennessy (now based in Vancouver) started Aroha Silhouettes in 2008 when she launched the Phantasmal collection of 3D jewelry designs made from a box of vinyl records that she rescued from the trash. The material choice is fitting as the Phantasmal pieces have a retro 1980s vibe. According to Hennessy, “My style is heavily influenced by my career in science and I love to use clean geometrical shapes and a dark alternative edge.” All of the pieces are hand-assembled by the designer in Vancouver.

Phantasmal Hardcover Vinyl Record Necklace

The Christchurch Earthquake brooch, a silhouette of the actual seismograph of the 6.3 earthquake that devastated her hometown last winter, is cut from semi-gloss stainless steel. 100 percent of the proceeds from the brooch went to the New Zealand Red Cross to help with disaster relief. While currently out of stock on the Aroha site, you can still purchase the brooch at New Zealand’s Flock.

Christchurch Earthquake Brooch

The best part of the Molecular Addictions line is that although the symbols represent a vice, you can choose to share the info with a select group of like-minded folks and keep the rest guessing. Just remember that like everything in life, it is best to do things in moderation, including buying pieces of lovely jewelry.

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