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Toddy Gear Cleaning Cloths

It strikes me as a bit odd that people spend hundreds of dollars on phones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices, then walk around with them smudged up all the time. It’s hard not to – the glossy surfaces show every fingerprint and oily cheek mark. What’s worse, when they do get wiped clean, it’s typically with a shirt sleeve or other fabric that can scratch the surface. With the Toddy Gear line of designer cleaning cloths, there are dozens of options to keep devices smudge-free, while expressing your personal style. The Toddy is a dual-sided microfiber antimicrobial cloth that cleans and polishes your grimy goods, with designs ranging from drawings of vintage photographic equipment to preppy plaids and punchy botanicals. Machine washable, the cloths come in a 5″ x 7″ and 9″ x9″ size. $9.99 to $14.00.

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