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id America iPhone Cases

I drop my phone . . . a lot. I drop it way more than an adult with the full capability to use her hands should. But I absolutely hated my last iPhone case (the rigid button covers made it impossible to turn it on and off with one hand), so it’s been naked for bit —a bad thing if you drop your phone a lot. If you are like me and would rather be bare than have a crappy cover, then check out these new iPhone 4/4S accessories from New York City-based  id America. Inspired by the shape of a gasket on a performance engine, the brushed aluminum Gasket case with a “suede” inner lining shows enough skin to be sexy, while still offering protection. Gasket ($29.95) comes in six colors including the new Rally Blue (below). Also new from id America is Skyline ($24.95), a rigid-flex case offered in black, white, and pink with a simple, but fun, dot matrix pattern on the back.

Finally, while not technically a case, the Cushi Stripe soft foam pad is designed to absorb shock, improve gripping, and protect from scratches. Made from durable EVA foam, Cushi ($14.95) gets its zoomy 3D effect through the application of individual high-definition molds and a precision heat-press. I’m impressed by the range in the id America line; the company knows that gear heads and harajuku girls alike want to keep their phones in one piece . . . as well as design-loving klutzes such as myself.

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