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Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgets

The only Australian manufacturer to win three Red Dot design awards, Dreamfarm doesn’t make new versions of old products, they invent better ones. Take Teafu for example, a gadget designed to make tea faster and stand up without any drips. First, you can use Teafu like a spoon to scoop your loose tea, then squeeze the premium-grade silicone pod with an ergonomic handle to diffuse the leaves faster and get out all the liquid before removing the infuser.

If you prefer a quick drink of water to a cup of tea, then check out Tapi. Retailing for just $4.95, Tapi turns almost any faucet with a straight spout into a drinking fountain. The water-safe rubber spout eliminates the need for a cup and works with a simple squeeze. Switching to the line’s cooking gear, Chobs is a cutting board accessory that raises the board off the counter, makes it non-slip, and indicates which side of the board to use for meat or vegetables, preventing cross-contamination. Finally, Garject presses unpeeled garlic cloves, scrapes itself clean, and then ejects the peels with the push of a button — you never once have to handle raw garlic. I’m really looking forward to seeing what these guys dream up next.







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