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SkateBacks for iPhone 4 and 4s

Each week, enough waste material is thrown away from one skateboard factory to fill a city bus. To help find another use for the leftovers from a Costa Mesa, California-based skateboard factory, the Portland, Oregon-based iPhone and iPad accessories maker Grove collaborated with designer Lindsay Holmes of MapleXO to create a 100% post-industrial product for the iPhone 4 and 4S. While there are three general colorways to choose from, no two SkateBacks are identical — making them more desirable for those of us that don’t want to have exactly what everyone else does. The 1/16”-thick back protector easily attaches to the back of your phone with a peel-and-stick 3M adhesive that Grove claims is removable without residue. While you’d probably want something tougher to protect your phone if you are actually skateboarding, this will do just fine for those of us that gave up that pastime longer ago than we’d like to remember (mine was black and white — what color was yours?) $49.00 U.S. Ships in 2-4 weeks from Portland.

All photos ©GroveMade

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