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The Alarm Dock for the iPhone 5

AREAWARE_AlarmDock_JDCD_Gradient_00_Print AREAWARE_Alarm_Dock_iphone5_JD5CD_Natural_lifestyle_print

Designed by New York City-based industrial designer Jonas Damon for Areaware, the Alarm Dock is made of sustainably harvested, new growth beech wood to mimic the classic bedside alarm clock. Simply download the flip clock app, insert the phone into the dock (the connector can be pulled through so the phone, or iPod, can be charged while in use). Note that this is a simple holder for your phone, and does not come with built-in electronics or speakers.

Here is a video of how it works.

The Alarm Dock, designed for the thinner profile of the iPhone 5, measures 6.75 x 3.5 x 2.5. It is available in a rainbow of colors for $40 from Areaware.


AREAWARE_Alarm_Dock_ JDCD _NoPhone_silo_print

AREAWARE_Alarm_iPhone5_JD5CDB_Black_Silo_Print_01 AREAWARE_alarm_dock_resin_JDCDY_Silo_Print_01

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