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While I was covering last month’s London Design Festival I met Caroline Santos, one half of the British design studio Mette. At the 100% Design show Caroline was discussing her firm’s design of The Farm Kitchen, an installation that explored micro-agriculture in architecture and interiors. Mette has now been commissioned to design the first working prototype of Brewbot, a smart brewing appliance by development team Cargo, that you can control and monitor with your smartphone. This new approach to home-brewing is intended to take it out of the garage and put it into the home or workplace (thought it must be one incredibly cool office).

We don’t brew beer in my house, but if it was an easier process my British husband might give it a try. By automating water amounts, temperature, and brewing time via a mobile app, Brewbot hopes to make home brewing easier than before.

Belfast-based Cargo, a group of mobile app developers who are also craft beer enthusiasts, created the technology behind the Brewbot system and brought in Mette to create a physical prototype. To symbolize the old craft of brewing beer with the new app-enabled technology, the team selected reclaimed wood and stainless steel surfaces. The Brewbot is being tested in Portland, Oregon and when it returns to the UK the team will refine the prototype. So far, Brewbot has raised 83% of its £100,000 target on kickstarter. To learn more or donate to the cause, click here.






All images by Simon Mills.

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