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Inca Starzinsky Jewelry


I met Inca Starzinsky during last month’s London Design Festival, where she was displaying a collection of her jewelry and accessories at the Tent London exhibit at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. A graduate of Central Saint Martins in 2000 and the Royal College of Art in 2007, Starzinsky has worked as a graphic designer, printed textile designer, design director, and artist. Part of the design and editorial team of Graphic magazine from 2002–2006, Starzinsky developed her skills in printed textile design at the Royal College of Art.

I was drawn into Starzinsky’s booth by the vibrant colors of her geometric acrylic pieces. My favorites are the Fade series of necklaces and the Spin series of pendants, brooches, bracelets, and rings made from digitally-printed two-ply acrylic which is laser-cut and finished with silver loops and chain. Each of the variations features bold gradient coloring. The Hackney Clouds and Sunset series of brooches are based on photographs of the sky — they are like little peepholes into the heavens.

I asked a Inca a few questions about her work as a designer…

How did you get involved designing jewelry?

My background is in printing, which is quite a broad field. Most of my projects start with a concept or a process and the outcome/final product is often not predefined. I don’t really see myself as a jewellery designer.

My most recent jewellery was born purely out of coincidence: I was testing various techniques for another project I was working on and was amazed by the color and effect of this particular technique, and I suddenly had a great desire to make jewellery out of it.

Why plastic?

I do love high-end accessories a lot, but this line of jewellery is supposed to be affordable and fun, a bit “pop”, something for people who love color.

I am playing with the idea of a more high-end range, maybe with glass, ceramics, and more precious metals, but in this case plastic suits the end-product very well.

Who or what inspires you in your design work?

My inspiration can come from pretty much anything that surrounds me. Sometimes it can be something completely random that a friend says, or a memory, or I see something in nature. I love taking things apart, analyzing it, taking it back to its origin, and then restarting from the beginning to create something new. Usually all my projects have a strong concept. For the latest jewelery I went for a pure celebration of color and shapes—as simple and straightforward as that.


Spin brooch.


Spin rings.


Hand shadow jewelry.


Hand shadow jewelry.


Hackney Clouds and Sunsets brooch.


Fade necklace.


Fade necklace.

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