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Cheese Boards & Trays from Noble Goods

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I spotted these solid American hardwood cheese boards and trays from Noble Goods while perusing the Design Milk curated Pop Up Shop during ICFF 2015. The Brooklyn-based design studio is run by stylist Molly FitzSimons and sculptor Christopher Moore, who started Noble Goods in the basement of their house on Noble Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The cheese boards are made of solid cherry, walnut, or maple with an environmentally friendly inlaid resin. Developed by surfers, the resin uses bioderived materials such as pine oils (sourced from wood pulp processing) and vegetable oil components (sourced from bio-fuel processing) instead of petroleum-based chemicals. The boards come in three styles: Arrow Boards which feature an arrow shape of inlaid resin in eight styles; Bullseye Boards which have a small circle of inlaid resin near the handle available in four styles, and Swiss Cheese boards, which come in cherry with a pale blue resin.

Noble Good’s line of Honeycomb Trays come in solid walnut or maple and resin and measure 19.5” x 11.5”. Ideal for serving tea or breakfast in bed, the lightweight trays come in four colorways and feature hand-carved finger-holds on the underside for easy lifting. The cheese boards start at $120 (cherry, maple cheese boards) to $145 (walnut & Swiss Cheese pattern cheese boards) and the trays range from $245 (maple) to $295 (walnut). The company donates a percentage of their annual profits to Habitat for Humanity.






All images courtesy of Noble Goods.

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