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Dream of Songs Jewelry by Minna Kao

Dream of Songs is a Brooklyn-based jewelry brand that produces ethereal, modern, 3D-printed jewelry pieces in Brooklyn and Long Island City, New York. Minna Kao, the 41-year-old founder and creator of Dream of Songs, has been a fan of designing jewelry since she was a little girl, when she sold a collection of plastic bracelets to her elementary school classmates in her hometown of Houston. After graduating from the University of Texas, Kao went to Paris for a six month apprenticeship under designers Diane Pernet and Alan Faye. After some more time studying in New York City and soaking up the Japanese sensibility of Wabi Sabi in Tokyo, Kao opened MinnaK, a bridal and evening wear company in 2006. In 2013, she fell in love with 3D design and launched Dream of Songs two years later. We recently asked Minna a few questions about herself and her design process.   DT: Are you still designing bridal pieces or are you a full-time jewelry designer now? MK: I’m not designing bridal pieces anymore, I’m a full-time jewelry designer now. DT: Do you work with a partner …

Book Signing at Brooklyn Designs!

On Friday May 6th at 7:30 I will be signing copies of my new book on erotic product design, Objects of Desire, at Brooklyn Designs at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint! We are excited to support Brooklyn design and the designers featured in our book who are based in the borough, including HEFF, Wonderpuss Octopus, and Dame Products. Brooklyn Designs is part of NYCxDESIGN, a world-class design festival which takes place May 3-17 throughout New York City. The three-day event kicks off on Friday at 10:00 am with “Kickstarter Office Hours” to present your ideas to the Director of Design and Technology Outreach at Kickstarter, and wraps up Sunday at 5:00 pm with a Maker’s Lab to teach designers how to promote themselves. In between are installations, pop-ups, seminars, and other fun events. I will be participating in the Opening Night Party from 7-9 pm, hosted by The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Metropolis, and Benjamin Moore, and sponsored by Broadway Stages. There will be food, drinks, music, and a cornhole tournament featuring one-of-a-kind boards from …

Cheese Boards & Trays from Noble Goods

  I spotted these solid American hardwood cheese boards and trays from Noble Goods while perusing the Design Milk curated Pop Up Shop during ICFF 2015. The Brooklyn-based design studio is run by stylist Molly FitzSimons and sculptor Christopher Moore, who started Noble Goods in the basement of their house on Noble Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The cheese boards are made of solid cherry, walnut, or maple with an environmentally friendly inlaid resin. Developed by surfers, the resin uses bioderived materials such as pine oils (sourced from wood pulp processing) and vegetable oil components (sourced from bio-fuel processing) instead of petroleum-based chemicals. The boards come in three styles: Arrow Boards which feature an arrow shape of inlaid resin in eight styles; Bullseye Boards which have a small circle of inlaid resin near the handle available in four styles, and Swiss Cheese boards, which come in cherry with a pale blue resin. Noble Good’s line of Honeycomb Trays come in solid walnut or maple and resin and measure 19.5” x 11.5”. Ideal for serving tea or breakfast in bed, the lightweight …

Spectrum Candles

Founded by architects Jean and Oliver Pelle, PELLE is a Brooklyn-based design practice that produces sculptural lighting fixtures, furnishings, and accessories that merge architectural practice with craftwork. The Spectrum Candles are a set of 12 lightly scented, soy wax candles that are individually hand-cast in PELLE’s cone-shaped Sugarloaf candle molds. The set comes in either dark red to cream (Red Currant) or black to white (Dark Rose) spectrums, with each candle producing a stronger scent as the color darkens. As the candles burn (up to 25 hours), the scents can combine and pools of colored wax interweave to create an new color experience. The makers highly recommend using a liner or candle dish to collect wax runoff and to protect your tabletop. $336, set of 12 or $28 per candle. All images courtesy of PELLE.

Rope Toys from Waggo

There are the dog toys you buy because your dog will love them, and then there are the ones that you buy because you love them. The new rope toy designs from Brooklyn-based Waggo will hopefully fit both categories. The cherry red colored bow tie is made of cotton blend rope and measures 6” x 3.5”, the yellow pencil is made of 100% cotton and measures 9” x 1”, and the green and black boot is a cotton rope blend measuring 6” x 6”. 12.00 – $16.00) All images courtesy Waggo.