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Triangle Roomshoes by Nendo

Leave it to Nendo to come up with an entirely new look for the slipper. While this new cone-shaped footwear concept looks triangular from the side, a natural crease forms in its in-step portion. Only available in Japan, the gnomish shoes can stand on their own without taking too much space, and several can be stacked up in the foyer with no need for slipper racks — ideal for typically small Japanese residential spaces. Made of polyester and synthetic leather, the shoes come in two sizes and four colors.triangle_sketch triangle_roomshoes12_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes11_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes10_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes07_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes05_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes04_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes03_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes02_akihiro_yoshida triangle_roomshoes01_akihiro_yoshida

Photos by Akihiro Yoshida.



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