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Accessories for working + schooling from home by Muji

Muji’s stripped down aesthetic might seem basic to some, but many find it a refreshing change. For those looking to update their work-at-home and school-at-home spaces with some Muji style, here are some new options.

MUJI’s Acrylic Storage Rack
MUJI’s Stainless Steel Wire Basket
MUJI’s planners come in Kraft Paper, White, and Black, and to help keep you on-track for the year ahead, come what way.
Hexagonal Water-Based Twin Pens
Hexagonal Water-Based Twin Pens
MUJI’s Handy Shredder
MUJI’s Water Repellent Backpack
A set of MUJI’s 6 Color Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens
Color Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen
Clear off your desk so that your space is free of distractions with MUJI’s PP File Box.
Planner showing a month’s agenda.
Black covered year agenda

All images courtesy of MUJI.

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