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Highlights from Alessi’s New Collection

The Italian accessories brand Alessi has brought together a range of collaborators — from star architects to new talent — for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection of tabletop products. Below are a few of my favorites from the new collection. Forma Grater by Zaha Hadid The Forma Grater was the late Iraqi architect’s final project for Alessi. Like many of her works, its shape was inspired by organic, natural forms that have been smoothed over time by water and wind. It consists of two elements: a sculptural black melamine base holding a mirror-polished stainless steel grater. $80 Va Bene by Miriam Mirri The Va Bene cooking utensil for testing pasta, vegetables, and other hot foods is produced via a complex sheet metal processing technique of molding, cutting, and welding to create a form that recalls part of a musical instrument. $45 T-Timepiece by Titus Wybenga Inspired by the shape of an antique pocket watch, this infuser was a result of the “Life in Transition” workshop organized in collaboration with Dutch University TU Delft, with a mission …

Accessories by Revolution Design House

I met the folks behind Revolution Design House during last May’s ICFF exhibition in New York City. The brand was part of the Design Milk “Milk Stand” of curated vendors selling items on the show floor. I liked the modern style and quirky take on handcrafted pieces including salt cellars, candles, plant holders, and other pieces, all made in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection. For more info, visit. All images courtesy Revolution Design House.

Designythings & Architect’s Toy Box Become The Latest Media Sponsors of Be Original Americas

Earlier this month Designythings and Architect’s Toy Box became the latest media sponsors of Be Original Americas. The blogs join several other leading architectural and design publications and websites who support original design, including The Architect’s Newspaper, Core77, Contract Magazine, and Wallpaper*, as well as founding media partners Design Milk, Dwell, Interior Design, and Metropolis. As a journalist who appreciates the moral outrage and economic sting of having work appropriated elsewhere without payment or permission, I wholly support an organization committed to educating and informing the public about the importance of original design. One of the reasons I founded my blogs was to give back to the industry and the people it serves, a goal I share with Be Original Americas. It is also my goal to only publish original design on these sites, and I encourage my readers to notify me right away if they see anything that seems to be a blatant copy of something already on the market. In fact, at least twice I have been notified that work I was told was original was in fact knock-offs of other pieces already on the market and I …