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Chilewich Spring 2018 Tabletop Collection

For its new collection of place mats for modern kitchens and restaurants, Chilewich created new yarns from scratch by twisting multiple strands of tonal colors together and developed weaves and tufted textures that deliver complex, dimensional shades. They also digitally printed color gradations on translucent woven textiles. Here are a few of my favorite weaves and colors in the new collection.   All images courtesy of Chilewich.  

Two Brazilian Shoe Brands Collaborate with Iconic Designers

Move over Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid. The shoe world is drawing more big-name designers to the footwear industry, starting with a collaboration between the famous Brazilian shoe brand Ipanema and the world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. Called Ipanema with STARCK, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a re-envisioning of the modern sandal. Offered in four distinct designs in 12 colors each, the collection is both modern, yet comfortable, qualities that do not always go hand-in-hand (or foot-in-foot?) when it comes to shoes. The sandals are made of 30% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. To achieve Starck’s designs, Ipanema adapted its industrial process to be more manual and artisanal, resulting in a production process employing a proprietary plastique injection technique. Available worldwide, the shoes range from $30-$40. Perhaps not to be outdone by their countrymen, another Brazilian footwear brand, Melissa Shoes, has collaborated with the furniture design duo the Campana Brothers. Inspired by their Baroque furniture collection, the Melissa Barroca x Campana collection are plastic flats that “lend a playful interpretation of Italian Baroque infused with the vibrancy of everyday Brazilian culture,” according to the brand. In celebration of the latest designs, the Campana Brothers have launched an installation Barroca: The Harmony …

Pup & Kit Pet Furniture

The Toronto-based modern pet furniture company Pup & Kit broke some barriers for animal-kind last March when they became the first pet-related company to exhibit at the Architectural Digest Home show in New York City. The company, founded in 2013 by Leslie Hemming, was invited to exhibit within the shows MADE section featuring bespoke products from across North America.   Pup & Kit offers several kinds of pet beds for both cats and dogs of all sizes, all handmade-to-order by local craftspeople in Toronto. The solid wood pieces are made of oak, walnut, or maple with an all-natural soy-based foam insert, and can be customized with a variety of fabric options made of outdoor Sunbrella fabrics. The Missy Cave, above, can even double as an modern end table, that is, if its tenant doesn’t mind.       All images courtesy Pup & Kit.

Tattoo You Temporary Tattoos

  I’ve always wanted a tattoo. Not some grand statement across my back or sitting on my shoulder like a guardian angel, but a subtle design hidden under my wrist that wouldn’t be too obvious. But tattoos are permanent. Tattoos hurt. Tattoos are fashion statements that you can’t throw out with the season. So for these reasons and more (my husband doesn’t like them, I don’t want to give my daughters an excuse to get one at 15, etc.), I’ve never gone down that road. And probably just as importantly, I’ve never found any design that was so amazing that I wanted to have it permanently drawn on my body. That’s where temporary tattoos come in — and I’m not talking about the ones that come in a Cracker Jack box or those little plastic eggs at the grocery store. I’ve written about temporary tattoos before — and probably will again — because they are truly in the middle of a design revolution at the moment. Joining brands such as Tattyoo and Tattly is the Calgary-based company Tattoo You, which recently sent me a few pieces to …

Tattyoo Temporary Art Tattoos

Ever wonder what kind of tattoos sexy robots will wear in the future? Look no further, because the Swiss brand Tattyoo has launched five new designs that will give you a pretty good idea. Designed by Mélanie Raetz and Simone Korbati, the new temporary tatts range from a lacy, feminine butterfly and faux diamond designs to digital abstractions that would not look out of place on the wrist of an alien race. And at about six euros a pop, they are an affordable (and painless) way to try out a modern design before committing to something a lot more permanent.

800W Design Wheelchairs

Unless you or someone close to you needs one, wheelchair design isn’t one of those things that’s usually top of mind. But there are few other product design areas where a well-designed product can have such an important influence on someone’s life and health (check out my recent story on a line of sexy, modern canes). That’s why I got excited when I got a pitch from Brandon Fonville with, a company specializing in mobility aides. Last month the company launched 800W Design, a new brand that will take a fresh approach to the aesthetics of wheelchairs, including the addition of new colors and custom stitching. I asked Brandon a few questions about the new line, and how it stands out from the rest of the designs on the market. DT: What inspired your modern take on the wheelchair? Brandon Fonville: After 15 years of selling wheelchairs and mobility products from other manufactures, I was always bothered by the aesthetics of some of the products; especially wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Most products we interact with on a daily basis have a certain aesthetic value that gets more designed over time. Why should wheelchairs be any different? …