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Designy Things Holiday Gift Guide

Here are some designy gift ideas for your holiday season, from a snowflake you can cuddle to pencils you can plant in the garden.

Jellycat Holiday Soft Toys

Jellycat arguably makes some of the most adorable plushies in the world, combining the softest materials with a small smiling face that brings personality to all types of everyday objects and animals.

Designed in London, this snowflake ($30.00), Christmas Tree ($40.00), or potted Poinsettia ($48.00) can adorn a mantle or work as a festive table centerpiece. Available through the MoMA Design Store.

Embroidered Holiday Ornaments

Designed in London and handmade in India by a team of master embroiderers, these ethically sourced fabric holiday ornaments are made through the traditional technique of “zardosi” (sewing with gold), historically used to decorate the most luxurious of courtly finery.

Ornaments in the collection include Claude Monet, Alma Woodsey Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, and Vincent van Gogh. $16.95- $18.95. Available through the MoMA Design Store.

Claude Monet
Alma Woodsey Thomas

Taste Collection by Paola Navone

The Glass House design store offers an exclusive design collaboration with Italian architect and designer Paola Navone and the porcelain manufacturer Reichenbach in Germany. The trays in the collection features graceful baroque lines in fine white porcelain and pearl rim relief.

Cake Plate ($125.00), Biscuit Tray ($75.00) and Coffee Cup + Tray ($68.00). Every purchase made supports The Glass House.

bFriends Collection from Bene

The new bFRIENDS series of the sustainable, 3D printed accessories are manufactured using a 3D printing process with petroleum-free bioplastic PLA, which eliminates the use of fossil raw materials in all phases of production.

Designed by Pearson Lloyd, the new collection of decorative accessories features whimsical animals from land, air, and sea, available in 13 standard shades.

The Town Musicians 
A donkey, dog, cat, and rooster stacked on top of each other hark back to a well-known fairytale.
Wildlife Collection 
Decorative pieces, featuring creatures from the animal kingdom including a giraffe, hippo, elephant, bird, and crocodile.


Plantable Pencil by Sprout World

When a Sprout pencil becomes too short to write with you can plant it in the ground, giving new life to an end-of-life product that you would otherwise throw in the bin. 

Sprout World’s pencils are available with different seeds that grow into vegetables, flowers and herbs, as well as a tree.

Swedish Dishcloth Greeting Cards

Brightly has fused the principles of a classic Swedish Dishcloth with the timeless whimsy of a greeting card. Simply write your message with a permanent marker on the inside/back, and after your friend has read it, they can use it as a dishcloth. With just one of these, you get the same use you would out of 17 rolls of paper towels. ($35 for a set of six)

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