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Clug Bike Clip by Hurdler

What I found most interesting about this new bike storage solution by the Vancouver-based design firm Hurdler Studios is not the stripped-down design, but the fact that in addition to selling the product through traditional methods, the manufacturers are pursing a new digital sales model where customers can purchase Clug’s 3D printer-ready digital files to be used on a 3D printer like the Markerbot Replicator 2 that the designers used to design the product.  The Hurdler team, currently raising funds for the product on Kickstarter, has been testing the product for several months to ensure it’s robust enough for everyday use. The Clug system encases two screws concealed within a push-fit cover that mounts to a wall or other surface to hold the bike upright without damaging the bike frame or rims. The small size has an added benefit for renters — you won’t have to worry about damaging walls and forfeiting your security deposit. And now that you can easily store your bike in your apartment, you won’t have to deal with the stress …

Aroha Silhouettes Jewelry

We all have addictions, some are just more socially acceptable (and legal) than others. A few I will admit to in public include watching reruns of The Office, my weekly pint of Ciao Bella Dark Chocolate Sorbet, and checking my email as if my life depended on it. Hey, I’m a mom, I’m not exactly snorting coke off of pool boys in the Hamptons anymore (that never really happened). The Molecular Addictions Collection of jewelry from Aroha Silhouettes transforms the molecular symbols for a few common addictions — caffeine, nicotine, and THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) into a line of lightweight stainless steel necklaces. The symbol for MDMA, aka ecstasy, is forthcoming in mid-October. I’m not endorsing any of these vices, but rather the beautiful way they have been interpreted into jewelry design (in fact I think people who drink caffeine are completely morally bankrupt). New Zealand-born designer Tania Hennessy (now based in Vancouver) started Aroha Silhouettes in 2008 when she launched the Phantasmal collection of 3D jewelry designs made from a box of …

Cork Peg from Molo Design

As I’ve mentioned before, I love objects made of cork. The Cork Peg accessory from the Vancouver-based, multidisciplinary design firm Molo Design, features a magnetic mounting system (two magnets and a cup connection point that screws into the wall) that gives you the freedom to create a grid, line, or any other arrangement with the pegs. Made of natural cork, the 1.5” x 6” pegs can hold between 2.65 and 4.85 pounds (1.2 kg and 2.2 kg) depending on whether the item is placed in the middle or on the end. Cork Peg is available directly from Molo’s online store. A set of two units are $50 USD.