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Boombotix & Globe Introduce World’s First Bluetooth-Enabled Speaker Skateboard

Two new Bluetooth-enabled speaker skateboards from the San Francisco-based audio technology maker Boombotix and the Australian board brand Globe were designed to help eliminate the isolation of skating with headphones and let users more easily share their music with others. The GSB Blazer, a mini cruiser board and GSB Pinner, a long board, are outfitted with a custom wireless speaker module that plays continuously for two hours with a full charge and at full volume. At 70% volume, the music lasts for up to six hours or more. The dust, water, and standard-impact resistant boards were engineered to retain their rigidity, while allowing for the audio components. The boards feature a vibration easing system and a high-impact ABS construction. They charge with a 6′ USB cable and work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. A custom 5W amp with an integrated passive radiator lets users feel the bass as they ride. Can speaker-friendly snowboards or surfboards be far behind? $249.95, Blazer; $299.95, Pinner   Images courtesy of Globe.

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

While this isn’t the first time a gramaphone has been adapted to amplify digital music, this is the first bluetooth-enabled version that I’ve spotted on the market. The Gramovox is not only a piece of home decor and an obvious conversation starter, but a new technology that offers the bold design and vintage sound of a 1920s gramophone to accompany any kind of music on your bluetooth-enabled device.  When sound waves spread up from the wood base and through the S-curve horn (a 3:4 reproduction of the 1920s R3 Magnovox horn) users experience an organic, mid-range, vintage sound. Master metal fabricators have crafted the horns using some of the same manufacturing methods used in the 1920s (the horn is made in China and assembled in Itasca, Illinois). The cone component is spun on a lathe and the neck is stamped out of sheets of steel. Afterward, these parts are hand-welded together, polished, and powder-coated black. The inner cavity of the walnut wood base (which I wish was a bit more elegant than a brick-shape) is CNC-milled to accommodate the horn hole, speaker, and …

Libratone Speakers

Libratone is a Copenhagen-based audio company that offers line of speakers that blend wireless, hi-fi technology with a modern Scandinavian design. Introduced to the U.S. market last November, the speakers’ AirPlay connection gives you the freedom to move from room to room with your entire music library in the palm of your hand; an app streams audio wirelessly from iOS devices and Macs/PCs. According to the manufacturer: Libratone Live and Lounge … play like acoustic instruments, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls. This eliminates the sweet spot and gives you a 360° sound experience. To get a bit more technical, inside the cabinets there are five units each driven by dedicated audiophile amplifiers and each dedicated to spreading sound in a specific direction. This setup means that the system both spreads the sound and encapsulates you in it.   The collection features exclusive materials including a satin chrome handle, a wood body, a high-end piano finish, and Italian cashmere wool. A speaker made of cashmere wool? Sounds lovely. Available at select …

Computer Gadgets by Nendo

The Japanese design firm Nendo explains that their job is to give people “aha!” moments that reveal what is hidden in our everyday lives. For their new pieces for Elecom, the firm pushes the expectations of everyday computer accessories. The Rinkak mouse is a play on the concept of rinkak, a Japanese word referring to an object’s outline against its background. Like freehand sketches, the colorful cables become the rinkak of the mouse, while the mouse itself becomes the background. The Data Clip is a brilliant concept —  the USB stick is formed into the shape of a paperclip that can attach to a stack of documents, business cards, or other Data Clips. It’s a fantastic solution for when you need to file a USB along with a piece of paper. Finally, oppopet is a fun wireless mouse that comes with different animal tail-shaped wireless receivers. When the mouse is in use, the tail plugs into a computer; when you are done, the mouse (or whale or pig) becomes whole once again.

JAMBOX Speakers

If you have ever seen someone walking down the street with a crazy-looking headset (think Star Trek mets Alexander McQueen) they were probably wearing a Jawbone. The newest addition to the Jawbone family of high-tech gear is JAMBOX, a compact, portable, wireless speaker that can be used for music, gaming, or even as a speakerphone for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  As an added bonus, users can synch it with MyTALK, Jawbone’s online platform to download apps, software upgrades, and other features. Designed by Yves Behar’s fuseproject, JAMBOX offers an output capacity of 85 decibels, comes in four colors, and carries a suggested retail price of $199. Available at Apple Stores, select Best Buys, and at