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Q&Q Solar-Powered Watches


I spotted these watches from Japanese brand Q&Q during NYCxDesign at the SightUnseen Offsite exhibition downtown. Q&Q (Quest & Quality) is a new line of solar-powered watches for the U.S. marketplace. At just $40, the waterproof watches never require a battery replacement. Around the large watch face is a thin band of photovoltaics that recharges the watch for up to three and a half months after a single charge. I’ve been testing out a free watch given out during the show, and I find it lightweight and modern, though the all-white band picks up dirt easily (this is why I don’t wear white pants). If you want to see the watch in action, you can check out Katy Perry wearing it in her new Birthday music video. The watch also tries to give back. For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Table for Two, a non-profit that helps deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.


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