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TERA Interactive Fitness Mat from Lunar Europe


Sometimes when I see a new product design I think to myself, “damn, that’s exactly what I imagined the future would be like.”  Well, the future of exercise equipment is closer than you think, and it looks like something Sandra Bullock would use in her next sci-fi movie. The TERA fitness mat by LUNAR Europe is the latest concept from the design firm to join a family of interactive objects including the VELA cycle trainer and the NOVA climbing wall.


Made of eco-friendly shear wool by Kvadrat, TERA is a carpet with an intelligent surface that recognizes movement patterns and activates a specially developed TERA app. The circular shape of the mat is designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion during exercise, and the app guides users through training units of different disciplines like Yoga, Pilates, or Thai Bo, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Sensors register any pressure exerted on the mat, enabling accurate detection of the user’s body and weight shifts.
An innovative LED lighting system shows how to perform the exercises correctly on the mat, while sensors record the training units, which are then analyzed with the app. The training data can then be shared with a personal trainer via social media. I have been wearing a FitBit fitness monitor since the beginning of the year, and I have to say that sharing my excercise results with friends is a great motivator.  There is no info on how to clean the mat (I imagine as it’s Kvadrat wool, just spot-cleaning) so perhaps not best for busy areas or homes with kids or pets.

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