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Nanuknano Rugged Case by Plasticase


For 30 years, Plasticase has designed, manufactured, and sold millions of plastic cases worldwide. The company currently works mainly on a B2B (business-to-business) basis, tailoring its products to the specialized needs of fields such as medical equipment, electronics, tools, military, and law enforcement.

In late 2012, Plasticase hired Météore Design to create an all-new consumer-oriented outdoor line of small handheld cases called Nanuknano. The impact- and water-resistant cases protect personal belongings like smartphones, wallets, and cameras, on hikes, boat rides, and anywhere else you need extra protection.

The cases, which come in eight colors and three sizes, feature shock-resistant polycarbonate resin shells, a patented PowerClaw latch, a valve for pressure control, and an elastomer over-molding that provides both internal protection and exterior shock absorption. You can carry the case using an adjustable wrist strap or by attaching it securely to a boat, belt, or knapsack. The cases are available worldwide via $19.99 U.S. (small); $24.99 U.S. (medium); $29.99 U.S. (large).


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Images courtesy of Plasticase Inc.

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