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Morpher Helmet


Designer Jeff Woolf knows the importance of having a helmet on when biking — he nearly smashed his head open on a curb after getting hit by a car. Woolf created the Morpho Helmet after noticing that folks using bike share programs (such as in London) tend not to use helmets because they were too cumbersome to carry around all day. It was a design problem he wanted to fix — he knew if he could create a helmet that could fold flat, then he could save lives.

According to the makers of the Morpher Helmet, the number one reason people don’t wear helmets when riding a bike is that the helmet is too bulky to carry around all day, and while 92% of bike scheme cyclists don’t wear a helmet, 83% say the reason is due to lack of portability. Woolf’s new folding bike helmet design will let you ride to work or school safely, and then easily slip your brain-saving helmet into laptop bag or backpack.

Although Morpher folds and unfolds quickly, it was also designed to surpass all relevant safety standards. Currently aimed at all cyclists, the manufacturer eventually plans to market the technology to sports safety helmets. According to a representative of the company, the helmets are past safety testing and should begin production in Spring 2015.



Designer Jeff Woolf with two folding Morpher helmets.


 All images courtesy of Morpher Helmet.

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