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Coolbox Toolbox


The Coolbox might appear to be a normal toolbox at first glance, but this useful tool is more like a portable workstation for the construction site, boat, or garage. First of all, Coolbox features a 20v rechargeable lithium polymer battery to run small power tools on the go or to charge your devices (via two USB ports built into the front panel). It also has a built-in, marine-grade 40w Bluetooth speaker built into the front, built-in LED lighting mounted internally and externally, and an LCD clock that will also display the battery level. Add to that some less techy, but still quite handy, conveniences like a retractable 12 foot extension cord, dual handles, wheels, a 20” x 12” dry-erase board on the inside lid, and a tablet stand, and you have the smartest toolbox on the block.





While the Coolbox is crowdfunding on indiegogo (until March 12th), you can get one for the special price of $169 (61% off the $299 retail price), with an estimated delivery of June 2015. That timing might make it a great Father’s Day or graduation present for that handy person in your life.

All images courtesy of Coolbox.

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