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Coolbox Toolbox

The Coolbox might appear to be a normal toolbox at first glance, but this useful tool is more like a portable workstation for the construction site, boat, or garage. First of all, Coolbox features a 20v rechargeable lithium polymer battery to run small power tools on the go or to charge your devices (via two USB ports built into the front panel). It also has a built-in, marine-grade 40w Bluetooth speaker built into the front, built-in LED lighting mounted internally and externally, and an LCD clock that will also display the battery level. Add to that some less techy, but still quite handy, conveniences like a retractable 12 foot extension cord, dual handles, wheels, a 20” x 12” dry-erase board on the inside lid, and a tablet stand, and you have the smartest toolbox on the block. While the Coolbox is crowdfunding on indiegogo (until March 12th), you can get one for the special price of $169 (61% off the $299 retail price), with an estimated delivery of June 2015. That timing might make it a great Father’s Day or graduation present for that …

Audio Giant Bose Celebrates 50

Today I attended a press event celebrating 50 years in business for acoustic and speaker giant Bose Corporation. Held on the west side of Manhattan, the event centered around a timeline showcasing actual Bose products from their first loudspeaker (1966) to their just-introduced QuietComfort 25 headphones. An interesting fact: When Bose founder Dr. Amar Bose died last year, he left the majority of company stock to MIT. Here are some shots from the event.

Zephyr Wireless Speakers

Although our portable devices are extremely handy for listening to music, unless you wear headphones the sound quality needs to be enhanced by an outside source. Also, the darn things run out of power at the most inconvenient times (the middle of an eight-hour flight, with someone else’s toddler sitting next to you, for example). The Zephyr line of Bluetooth, high-definition speakers from SPAR, double as mobile phone chargers, making them the first portable, speaker/speakerphone/charger combination according to the manufacturer. A competitor to the JAMBOX, the line comes in three models: The Zephyr  300 can fit into a pocket and offers 12 hours of playtime; the 500 model fits into a bag or purse and runs for 18 hours; and the 550, encased in aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, is the largest of the three and offers 28 hours of battery life. You can throw one in the backpack for a picnic or beach trip or get one for a teen in place of an expensive sound system. With 28 hours of battery life, it would have …