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Accessories by Revolution Design House

I met the folks behind Revolution Design House during last May’s ICFF exhibition in New York City. The brand was part of the Design Milk “Milk Stand” of curated vendors selling items on the show floor. I liked the modern style and quirky take on handcrafted pieces including salt cellars, candles, plant holders, and other pieces, all made in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection. For more info, visit.


The wood for the Douglas Fir Boxcar planter is sourced from local reclaimed beams and off-cuts unused by the lumber industry. The Boxcar planter set comes in a clear finish and can be nested together with other planters along a window sill or as a centerpiece on a table or desk. Designed by Joe Gibson, the planter includes a stainless-steel insert to plant within (succulent plants are recommended but not included).


The Campfire Candle, designed by Joe Gibson, is hand-cast of fragrance-free wax. It measures 3.25” x 5.5”.


Revolution makes a range of SaltBox gift sets that are sold with Jacobsen Salt Co. salt, harvested from the Oregon Coast. Made of solid walnut, the saltcellar comes in a XL size that holds up to a cup of salt.


All images courtesy Revolution Design House.

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