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ClickTape Tape Dispenser by Derk Reilink


Dutch designer Derk Reilink has a reason to be in a good mood. Having just exceeded his Kickstarter campaign goal by a thousand euros, Reilink will finally see his dream of bringing his ClickTape tape dispenser concept to market — a process that first began back in 2006 — with production starting at the beginning of August.

Retailing for $14 (including the tape) ClickTape has reduced the dispenser to its bare essentials. A flexible plastic ring, made of 12 grams of plastic, allows a role of tape to be easily clicked into the dispenser, eliminating the need of a plastic roller used in traditional tape dispensers. A durable stainless steel blade matches the curvature of the ring shape of the dispenser and a special indent above the blade makes it easy to grab the end of the tape (something that is tricky for young kids and those with disabilities to do). ClickTape will come in black, blue, turquoise, and green and is sleek enough to earn a coveted space on even the most minimal of desks.


Derk Reilink and his ClickTape dispenser.

ClickTape_colors ClickTape_usingit ClickTape_05 ClickTape_03 ClickTape_01_featured_img


All images courtesy Derk Reilink.

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