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ACME Eyeglass Cases

ACME Studio, a Hawaiian company famous for their colorful pens, card cases, and other accessories, has introduced a fun new line of eyeglass cases designed by artists, designers, and architects, including designs inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Guadi. My favorites are the X-Ray design by Ben Hall, featuring drawings from vintage advertisements, and the clever Eye Chart case designed by Adrian Olabuenaga. Other designs in the collection include pieces by Debora Jedwab, Constantin Boym, and Arik Levy, among others. The cases are $35 each and are available through Design Mafia.

800W Design Wheelchairs

Unless you or someone close to you needs one, wheelchair design isn’t one of those things that’s usually top of mind. But there are few other product design areas where a well-designed product can have such an important influence on someone’s life and health (check out my recent story on a line of sexy, modern canes). That’s why I got excited when I got a pitch from Brandon Fonville with, a company specializing in mobility aides. Last month the company launched 800W Design, a new brand that will take a fresh approach to the aesthetics of wheelchairs, including the addition of new colors and custom stitching. I asked Brandon a few questions about the new line, and how it stands out from the rest of the designs on the market. DT: What inspired your modern take on the wheelchair? Brandon Fonville: After 15 years of selling wheelchairs and mobility products from other manufactures, I was always bothered by the aesthetics of some of the products; especially wheelchairs, walkers, and canes. Most products we interact with on a daily basis have a certain aesthetic value that gets more designed over time. Why should wheelchairs be any different? …

Omhu Canes

Canes do not have the reputation of being the most stylish of accessories, unless they belong to a baddie in a James Bond film. That’s why the aptly-named “00” line of canes from Omhu—a Danish design firm focused on medical equipment and accessories—are a much welcome exception. Made from aluminum and painted with bicycle paint, the canes can support up to 300 pounds while remaining exceptionally light weight. The handles of the original Omhu/00 cane ($99) and the Omhu Tuxedo ($125) are both made of birch, finished with a non-toxic vegetable oil. The handle of the Tuxedo is stained black, though various shades of the birch can still be seen beneath the finish. Painted birch cane docks ($25 each) allow you to display the canes like works of art. The Omhu Sport’s ($49) rubber-dipped handle helps the company sell it at a more affordable price. “The rubber dipped handle is another unique and beautiful feature, and is still superior to a foam handle, which often mold with time,” says Erica Kirsch with Omhu. “The shape …

SkateBacks for iPhone 4 and 4s

Each week, enough waste material is thrown away from one skateboard factory to fill a city bus. To help find another use for the leftovers from a Costa Mesa, California-based skateboard factory, the Portland, Oregon-based iPhone and iPad accessories maker Grove collaborated with designer Lindsay Holmes of MapleXO to create a 100% post-industrial product for the iPhone 4 and 4S. While there are three general colorways to choose from, no two SkateBacks are identical — making them more desirable for those of us that don’t want to have exactly what everyone else does. The 1/16”-thick back protector easily attaches to the back of your phone with a peel-and-stick 3M adhesive that Grove claims is removable without residue. While you’d probably want something tougher to protect your phone if you are actually skateboarding, this will do just fine for those of us that gave up that pastime longer ago than we’d like to remember (mine was black and white — what color was yours?) $49.00 U.S. Ships in 2-4 weeks from Portland. All photos ©GroveMade